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Christie Allen
need a description here. Christie Allen, a Southern California jeweler, is located in the heart of beautiful ... : Who Will Be Jesse?s Girl?
And only "Extra" talked to Tacori's Paul Tacorian, the Southern California jeweler who designed the engagement ring. "He wanted something special, something unique," Tacorian revealed.

GIA: Loupe Online: Back Issue Detail
Southern California jeweler John Hoan Nguyen considers himself a hands-on learner. That's because the Laos native, a 25-year veteran of the industry, has been inspired by the Vietnamese concept of ...

Gem Bliss ? SweetWater Jewelry Designs at Ruby Lane : Handcrafted ...
Gem Bliss ? SweetWater Jewelry Designs at Ruby Lane: Southern California jeweler metalsmith ... Gem Bliss ? SweetWater Jewelry Designs Handcrafted contemporary heirlooms. Affordable custom ...

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Morgan's Jewelers Morgan's Jewelers is a Southern California jeweler that specializes in fine designer jewelry. ...

Architectonic Jewelry
Irena Brynner often employed three-dimensional shapes that are evocative of architectural elements, as did the southern California jeweler, Everett MacDonald.

June 1998: Associations
A leading Southern California jeweler, who does not belong to his state association and who rates the outlook for all industry associations as no better than ?fair,? says jewelers are reluctant to ...

For example, a Southern California jeweler wants to convert most of his "dead stock" into cash, a Maryland jeweler will hire an administrative assistant to give salespeople more time to sell and a ...

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